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Welcome to Piedmont’s credential management system! This form is designed to manage your household’s access to Piedmont’s gatehouses and amenities, including the pools and the Athletic Center. Information entered here will be used to generate your Piedmont ID for access to amenities, and to issue RFID stickers for your vehicles.

Disclaimer: The following page requests information that will be stored on a secure server, accessible only to you, and not other Piedmont residents. All information remains in your control at all times. You may edit or delete this data at any time. Upon submission, this information will be reviewed and approved by the Association’s Management Office.





Use the fields to the right to enter all people permanently living in your household. We require the birth month and year (MM/YYYY) for anyone between the ages of 12-16 per Piedmont’s guidelines of requiring parental guidance at the pools and Athletic Center for youths.

All household members added here must be at least 12 years of age or older. If you have children under 12, please add them upon their 12th birthday in order to obtain their pool passes.

NOTE: Including yourself, you may enter six family members. If you have more than six people living in your household, receiving additional Piedmont IDs will require the individual(s) to provide a valid driver’s license verifying their address to receive access credentials. Additional IDs also require a fee per card. Please contact an Administrator for instructions at

Primary Resident

Maximum photo size is 20MB.
Allowed File types: .jpg .jpeg .gif .png
Please use a picture where your face is clearly visible. When uploading, use the cropping tool to make sure no one else can be seen in your photo.

Additional Residents

Please enter the make and model for each of your vehicles to the right. Your license plate or driver’s license number is not required. Each gatehouse will continue to be equipped with video recording devices.

NOTE: A maximum of four vehicles may be added. Additional RFIDs also require a fee per credential. If you have more vehicles, please contact an Administrator for instructions at


If any data is found to be falsified, the Piedmont Homeowners Association reserves the right to suspend or revoke any and all credentials at any time.

Conduct not in accordance with the Piedmont HOA Declaration of Covenants, or conduct in violation of the rules and regulations of the outdoor and indoor swimming pools, or the Athletic Center and its facilities, may result in suspension or revocation of privileges to access these amenities.